PolyNat Carnot Institute

High-added Value for, innovative, functional, bio-sourced and flexible Materials

Eight Grenoble research centers are involved in Carnot PolyNat Institute, dedicated to the eco-production of high-added-value functional biosourced materials. PolyNat obtained the Carnot Label of Excellence in 2011, which has been renewed in 2016 for an undeterminated period.

Polynat focuses on the elaboration and the production of use of high-added value, functional materials, either hybrid” (partly issued from fossil and natural resources), or totally “biosourced”, by taking advantage of the self-assembly of elementary bricks constituting the plant material (glycopolymers, nanocrystals, cellulose fibres), at micro and nano scales.

18 M€ Partnership research
35 M€ Consolidated budget
400 Researchers, Engineers, Post-doc (including 110 PhD students)
318 Patents / 230 Publications ranked A


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2018, June 11 to 15 Glasgow, UK
Multiphysics of Fibrous materials Conference - ECCM 2018
6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics