Success stories

Hydrophobic, entirely recyclable and recycled papers and boards

The market of good packaging and conditioning is booming in the sector of the food-processing industry.

Paper and boards are bio-sourced, high-performance materials and top-quality for packaging. Light, easy to form, recyclable and biodegradable, but their barrier properties, are poor, namely toward humidity. In order to get round these water barrier problems, the packaging industrialists associate them to plastic films whose presence highly compromise their recyclability and biodegradability properties.

The research work from the CERMAV and the CTP, two laboratories of the Institut Carnot PolyNat, have enabled to achieve high-performance barriers films thanks to a new process of green chemistry: chromatogeny. This innovating technology, which makes cellulose materials hydrophobic, has the advantage to maintain their initial characteristics such as recyclability and biodegradability.

Illustration with this short video, available on CTP youtube page