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For the 4th time, PolyNat is organising its International Industries Forum which will bring together PolyNat researchers and industry representatives around new R&D challenges on biomaterials.

For two days, industry representatives will present R&D projects and and give their outlook on future challenges regarding  biosourced materials.

Program :

May 15 :

Bill Jang – ITRI (Taïwan) “Synthesis and Applications of Furanic Derivatives and Polymers”

Yusuke Kasahara – Eidec (Japon) “Development of DSA lithography for semiconductor manufacturing”

Ricardo Vinicius de Oliveira – 2MD (Singapour) "Industrial Applications of Graphene: from Lab to Market"

Tekla Tammelin – VTT (Finlande) “Bioinspired and nanoenhanced membrane materials from cellulose nanofibrils”

Charles Sheen – Nan Pao (Taiwan) “Green Innovative Polymers for Footwear and Sports Applications”

Tokuo Matsushima – Kusanosk (Japon) “Characterization and Production of Nanofibrillated Bacterial Cellulose”

Lorenzo Pastrana – INL (Portugal) “INL develops micro and nano-structured biopolymers for applications in life sciences”

Shisei Goto – Nippon Paper Industries (France) "Overview and topics of R&D activities of Nippon Paper Industries, from nano-cellulose to cellulose based functional materials"

Yaniv Nevo – Melodea (Israel) “Cellulose Nanocrystals production and applications development”


May 16 :

Mark Reed - Buckman International (USA) “Perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in industrial research and development”

Jean Doucet - Novitom (France) - "Multi-scale and multi-technique strategies to visualize and analyze hierarchical fibrous organizations"

Yu Ogawa, CERMAV (France) « Structure-property relationship of crystalline polysaccharides: An experimental and theoretical approach »

Jérémie Patarin – Rhéonova (France) “Viscoelastic polymer alloy strengthened by cellulose : vibrations and shocks damping elastomer”

Bernard de Galembert – CEPI “What bioeconomy for Europe beyond 2020?”

Konstantinos Petropoulos - CSEM (Switzerland) “Towards sustainable non-invasive Point-Of-Care diagnostics”.



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