Research Topics

4 scientific challenges

PolyNat is developping its partnership strategy around four scientific and technological challenges :

Extracting bisourced building blocks

• Oligosaccharides, glycopolymers, biopolymers, nanocellulose, cellulose fibers;
• Extraction, separation and purification processes;
• Use of "green" solvants and self-efficient processes

Controlled self-assembly and nano-organization

• Directed self-assembly of biosourced (macro)molecules
• Innovative processes to obtain nano-structured materials (nano-precipitation, «spin and/or dip-coating», ...);
• smart high-resolution nanostructured surfaces, three-dimensional materials, functionalized and multi-compartmentalized glyco-nanoparticles

Building blocks and materials functionalization for targeted innovative properties

• Chemical and/or enzymatic modification;
• Designing innovative biosourced devices with improved properties in order to meet the market demands
(hydrophobics, anti-microbials, bionano-electronics...)

Production and development processes of biosourced materials

• Developing techniques that foster industrial transfer
• Understanding interactions at interfaces for an advanced design of biosourced devices

For each of these challenges, PolyNat reseach tries to reach high TRL levels : form the laboratory to pilot plant; thanks to technology ressources of modelling, caracterisation and simlation .